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Questions and Answers Video 12 Being a Dealer
Email with statement - basically the letter asks what's it like to be a table games dealer.
           Dealing table games was the best job I ever had! Once you know how to deal, you don’t even think about it anymore. It becomes routine. So basically, you spend your entire time talking to people from all around the world before you go on your 20 minute break, which you get every hour. There’s also the E.O. list where if you sign your name to it, there’s a small chance that you’ll get to go home early. Swing shift gets more use out of the E.O. sheet more than any other shift.

           The only thing is, you’ll have to stand for most of your shift and people who deal need to have a thick skin for all of those times when you have an angry drunk player who is screaming at you and swears the casino is stealing all of his money… as he digs into his pocket to hand you more cash.
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