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Questions and Answers Video 08 Dealer Mistakes
What is the proper way to notify the dealer of a mistake
           Dealers are human, so mistakes are common. If the player notices the dealer making a mistake, then politely stop them right away and notify them of the mistake. There is no proper way to notify the dealer of a mistake, other than to be polite. There is no reason for anyone to get mad. Unless, of course, if the player touched or grabbed the dealer. Then the dealer would definitely get mad. The dealer will call over their floorman and notify him of the mistake. It is the floorman’s duties to correct the mistake, not the dealer’s. The dealer would get in trouble if they tried to correct their own mistake. If there is an argument, then you can ask for the cameras to be reviewed.
Dealers Tip - In some states if you are a dealer and you don't report a mistake while on a table then you could possibly lose your gaming license
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