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Q A 013 - The 3 to 2 Ratio
Q A 012 - Being a Dealer
Q A 011 - Take-and-Pay Procedure
Q A 010 - Correction - Cutting the Deck - How to hold the cards when offering the deck to be cut on 
		a shoe game
Q and A 09 - Break-In Houses - Learn more about break-in houses and getting hired as a 
Q and A 008: Dealer Mistakes - What if the dealer makes a mistake in favor of the casino? As the player, 
		what do you do
Q and A 007: Interview with Dr. Ahlgren - Intellectual Capital - Dr. Ahlgren talks about the 15th International 
		Conference on Gaming and Risk Taking and intellectual capital
Q and A 006: Paying Rainbow Bets, Bad Credit and Working Stacks - Learn about the take and pay procedure 
		when paying rainbow bets, how casinos view bad credit when getting a job, and the difference between a working stack and a clean 
Q and A 005: Special - The Blackjack Strategy Guide - Learn about the blackjack strategy guide with this Q and 
		A special
Q and A 004: Chemin de Fer, French Roulette, and Breaking Down Cheques - I will explain the process of how I go 
		about handling your questions for this series, when to break down a stack of cheques, and the similarities and differences between Chemin de Fer and 
		French Roulette.
Q and A 003: Interview with Dr. Ahlgren - 15th ICGRT - Dr. Ahlgren talks about the 15th International Conference 
		on Gaming and Risk Taking & the Former MIT Card Counting Panel
Q and A 002: Misreading Peeker, Hitting a Soft Hand, Math Skills Required -  Learn when to hit a soft hand; what 
		happens if the dealer misreads the peeker; and how important are math skills if you want to become a dealer.
Q and A 001: Cheques vs Chips, Breaking Down Stacks, Splashing - Learn the differences between the terms Chips and Cheques; how to breaking 
		down a stack of $1,000 and $5,000 cheques; and splashing the cheques at an audition.
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