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How to Deal Blackjack
The Road Map, the Rubber Band and the Pencil
The Road Map
           When you come into work, you will need to look at the road map. This map tells you what table you’re going to be on for that shift. It also tells the shift manager where each employee is supposed to be.
The Rubberband
           If you are on swing shift then you will go on from a “Road Map” to a “Rubber Band” towards the end of the night when tables start closing. The “Rubber Band” is when the pit boss looks at a list with a paper clip next to the name of each person who needs to go on break next.
           Then he will find a dealer, from the crowd who is usually standing in front of him, to go and relieve the other dealer. This will continue until there are no more dealers standing around the pencil. “The Pencil” is the name for the person who handles the road map and the rubber band.
Relief dealer
String on a road map
Relief dealers
           When looking at the road map, you will notice that at the end of every string is a relief dealer.
           As a relief dealer, you are responsible for giving the dealers on your string their breaks. At the start of the shift, you must check to see if everyone on your sting has shown up to work before you can start giving the dealers their breaks. If there’s a dealer missing or late then the relief dealer must notify management and cover that table. This is an important task for the relief dealer.
Dealer’s Break
           Majority of dealers work on their table for an hour and then get a 20 minute break. When the relief dealer arrives at your table they will stand behind your left shoulder and tap it. They will stand there and wait until you’ve completed what you’re doing; this even including shuffling on a dead game. As a relief dealer, it’s a good idea to watch the outgoing dealer deal the last hand. On a single deck game and a finished double deck game, spread the deck. On an unfinished double deck game, hand the deck to the relief dealer. On the shoe, the outgoing dealer will place the shoe in the middle of the table and clear their hands.

           To properly clear your hands, clap your hands once, keeping your palms flat, while showing the cameras both sides of your hands.
Clapping Out - Clearing my hands for the cameras
Clapping Out - Clearing my hands for the cameras
Clapping Out - Clearing my hands for the cameras
Clapping Out - Clearing my hands for the cameras
           This proves that you didn’t steal anything. As a side note, always clear your hands whenever you want to touch your body; when covering your mouth to yawn or sneeze; when putting your hands behind your back; or reaching into your pocket. When leaving the table it is good to say “Thank you for playing. John will be your dealer now, good luck.” Exit to the right as the relief dealer comes in from the left. Most incoming dealers will burn a card as they greet the players. If the outgoing dealer didn’t introduce you to the players then introduce yourself.

           The reason why you’ll see so many dealers wearing watches is because they want to know when their next break it. If you’ve been on the table for an hour and 15 minutes, notify your floor and he will find someone to tap you out. Never exit the table in the middle of a hand, even if you’re shuffling on a dead game. Keep your conversation with the incoming dealer to just the game. Any personal talk with the incoming dealer, players or floorman after you’ve been tapped out is frowned upon. Once you’ve been tapped off the table you will be expected to go directly to your designated break area. Most casinos forbid dealers from wandering around, going into shops, gambling on slots or table games, and leaving the property. All dealers recognize that they really have a 10 minute break because once the relief dealer taps you out, you finish the hand, clap out and walk out of the pit, down long hallways and stairways to the break room, 5 minutes has already passed. Because of the long walk back, dealers will usually leave for their table 3-5 minutes early. Returning late from breaks will not be tolerated.
Customer Service
           The casino encourages you to interact with the customers as long as it doesn’t interfere with the pace of the game or cause any mistakes. Always be nice to the players because they’re the ones giving you your tokes.
           This is just another word for tips. When a player tips you say thank you. Always pay the players bet first and then pay the dealers toke. When a player splits or doubles down on their hand, then they can do the same with the dealer’s tokes. If the player splits their hand and does not put a second bet out for the dealer then the dealers toke has to go to the 1st hand. After everyone has been paid and all the cards have been picked up then you can pick up your bet.
Toke box hanging off the side of the table
           There’ll be a toke box hanging on the edge of the table that you’ll be required to drop your tokes into.
           You need approval from the floor when coloring up your tokes to a green chip or higher. You don’t need approval when coloring up to a red chip. Never drop a black chip or higher in the toke box. Don’t leave the tokes next to the discard rack waiting to be colored up. If the player gets a blackjack then the dealers tip also gets paid 3 to 2. Never transfer the tokes from hand to hand. Keep in mind that casinos have a maximum amount a player can tip you.

           Don’t try to be coy or sly and try to persuade a player to bet for you or give you a tip. This is called hustling a toke and you could be fired for this. In some casinos, if a player gives you an option of playing or dropping a toke, then you must drop the toke. Politely explain to them that once given the option the dealer must drop the toke.

           Dealers are not allowed to parlay their tokes; as soon as the tip wins it must be dropped in the toke box. There is a legal way to parlay but it’s risky for the dealer. If the player places the tip on top of their bet and then they win the player can parlay the tip on top of their next bet. Unfortunately, doing it this way means that the tip is still considered the player’s money so if they decide not to give you your tip at the end of the parlay then there is nothing you can do about it.

           Sometimes players will take your tip and the winnings. Keep an eye on your tokes to watch and make sure no one picks them up. If someone does just say, “I’m sorry sir, that’s my tip. Thanks”. When a player buys insurance they can also buy enough to cover the dealer’s tokes.
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