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How to Deal Blackjack
           Markers are basically a credit line that players are allowed to take. The player can take out a Marker before or during the hand. Usually, the player will walk up to the table and hand you their player’s card while asking for a “Marker” of a specific amount. Notify the floor by calling out “Marker”, he will come over to your table and that is when you’ll give him the player’s card while telling him the requested amount. If the player hasn’t exceeded their credit limit then the Floorman will gather some lammers and place them on the table near the discard rack.
Marker on the left side of the table and cheques on the right side of the table
           Place the lammers on the left side of the table and then take that indicated amount out of the rack.
           Prove your stack and then look at the Floor for approval before handing the stack to the player. Place the lammers in the rack and continue dealing the game like normal. 5 to 10 minutes later, the Floor will hand a clipboard with paperwork for the player to look over and sign. Then the Floorman will hand you the same clipboard and you will need to verify the information on the sheet. If everything is correct, sign the paperwork. If not, tell the Floor. Detach the 2nd copy fold it up and drop it in the drop box. You will then initial the table card and place the lammers on a small clipboard then hand it back to the Floor.
           Sometimes a player will walk up to your table and tell you “I want to pay off my Marker”. Call over the Floor by saying “Marker Down”. When you get the approval from the Floor, bring the cheques to the center of the table and prove them to the cameras. If the player is paying in cash then convert it to cheques. When the Floor brings over the lammers, place them on the left side of the table. Then you will get paperwork you need to verify; and if everything is correct, then sign off on it. If not, then inform the Floor. Detach the redemption slip, fold it and drop it in the drop box. Initial the table card; put the lammers on the clipboard and then give it back to the Floor. Then put the cheques in the rack.
           When your rack gets low on cheques the Floor will refill it with cheques brought over from the cage. First, the floorman will determined that the game needs more cheques and then he will prepare the paperwork for a fill. The Floor will leave a copy on the table and then they will ask the pit clerk to deliver the paperwork to the cage. The cage will prepare for the fill and then a security guard will bring the fill in a clear locked container. The guard will slide over the individual racks and you can either take each stack out individually or you can tilt the rack and stand up all of the stacks all at once.
Dealer completing a fill
           Verify the first stack of each denomination.
           Look at the paperwork that the floor hands you and check to make sure that all of the information is correct. If everything is correct, sign the paperwork; if not, tell the Floor. Give one copy back to the security guard and then take an extra copy and drop it in the drop box. The floor will take the final copy. Place the new cheques into the rack. If there’s a roll of 50 cent pieces, do not bang the roll against the side of the rack to break it open. Instead, peel the ends off and unroll it.
           When the rack gets too full of cheques, the Floor will arrange a credit and the cage will take the surplus. Credits happen less often then fills do. The procedure for a credit is much the same as a procedure for a fill, the only difference is instead of putting chips into the rack you will be taking them out.
Opening a Game
           Wait at a locked game until the Pit Boss walks by and opens the lock on the rack. Don’t take the lid off. Wait until the floor tells you that he called the cameras. Then remove the lid and put it in the holder under the table. Take out the closing sheet and check to see if the amounts in the rack are the same as those on the paper. Both you and the floorman are responsible for counting the bankroll and verifying the numbers on the inventory slip. At some casinos, you will be required to prove each denomination above $25. If there is anything wrong, contact the floor immediately. After you’re done with the chips, it’s time to check the cards. Make sure the entire deck is complete. One time, I had two 6’s in a deck and then at another casino I had a 9 missing from the deck.
Closing a Game
           At the end of the night, the floor will ask you to bring up the lid, make sure to keep your eye on the rack when you do so. Wait while the Floor calls the cameras before you begin running down the cheques starting from the highest denomination. After all of the denominations are verified, look at the closing sheet to double check all the numbers. If everything is correct then sign the paperwork. Place the closing slip in the corner of the rack and wait for the shift manager to come by, verifying and signing it. After you place the slip back in the rack, lock the lid, and then check to make sure the lid is locked! Clap out; take your toke box to your designated area, and then either go on break or to the pencil.
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