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How to Deal Blackjack
Changing the Deck
           A shoe game gets its decks changed every 8 hours. A handheld game will change their deck every 2 hours. This is to eliminate the possibility of someone cheating with a fixed or marked deck. The cards are then taken to a company that cuts off the edges and then packages them for resale for the casino gift shop. The procedure starts when the floorman takes the old deck off the table, opens the new deck, checks the cards and then places the new cards in the discard rack.
Spreading the cards on the table
           As the dealer, you’ll take the cards out of the discard rack and spread them on the table face up. When spreading the cards, it is good to spread them evenly without any chunks or gaps in between. This allows the cameras to see them better and it protects you if there are any defects found later in the game.
           Verify that all the cards are there and that they are not marked in any way. Then pick up the cards and spread them again so that the back is now facing up. Check to see if there are any marks. Once you’re done checking the deck, place them in the discard rack until all the decks are verified.
Multiple decks being placed in the back of the shoe
           Or place them in the shoe if you are changing 6 decks or more. Wash the decks and then shuffle.
Multiple Hands
           A player is allowed to play two or three hands depending on the casino, but they might have to double or triple the table minimum per hand. The player must play his first hand before doing anything with his second hand.
Multiple Hands on a Handheld Game
           There are two methods you can use when pitching to someone who is playing multiple hands. For both methods the first hand will always be pitched behind the bet.
Card placement according to player's bet
           Now, the first method involves you pitching the second hand in front of the second bet.
Card placement according to player's bet
           The second method has you placing the second hand neatly in front of the second bet. The second method makes it easier to immediately tell if someone has touched the cards because then they would be crooked.
           The player must play his initial hand first before he can touch the cards to his second hand. The only exception to this rule is when the dealer has an ace up card and is asking for insurance. Then the player can look at both hands to see if he wants to insure them or to see if he has a blackjack.
Dead Game
           This is when a table has no players on it. Even if you are not dealing you still have a procedure to follow. The first thing you do is make sure your rack is clean and organized. After you’re done handling the cheques “clear your hands”. The second thing you do depends on what table you’re at. If you are on a shoe game then you shuffle the deck. If there are no new players at your table by the time you’re done shuffling then ask the floorman to cut the deck. Put the deck in the shoe and then bring the shoe in the center of the table and perpendicular to the rack then have fun waiting, when a player arrives; burn a card. If you are on a handheld game then you spread the deck face down.
Large table brush
           Take a look at your layout and see if it needs to be cleaned up or if the chairs need to be pushed in. Get the floors approval to straighten up the chairs, then “clear your hands” before starting. In order to get the small particles and cigarette ash off the felt, the casino will provide a brush. Start at the center of the table and use long brush strokes to get the specks off the table.
           Keep your hands on the table because it’s not good practice to cross your arms or put your hands in your pocket while you’re waiting for a customer. Smile and make eye contact with the people as they walk by. During your long period of boredom, don’t touch the cards or cheques unnecessarily.
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