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How to Deal Blackjack
Making Change
           You will complete this procedure multiple times per day. It will be completed by exchanging currency for equal or lessor value cheques. There are two scenarios when “Making Change”:
Cash spread out on a blackjack table
           When the player hands you money you need to change it into cheques. Take the cash and spread it across the left side of the table with the back of the bill facing up and all the bills facing the same direction and down. Separate the different denominations.
           Alert the floor by calling out “Change $100”. The floor has to keep track of how much money you drop so you must always notify the floor if the change is $100 or more. Take the cheques out, cut them and verify the amount. Take your hand away from the cheques and wait a couple seconds so the cameras can get a clear shot. Stack up the cheques and hand them over to the player. When handing cheques to a player never put the cheques in a closed fist or in both hands.
Back view of dealer moving a stack of cheques
Front view of dealer moving a stack of cheques
           Slide the stack using the bottom fingers to move the stack while the forefinger keeps the stack steady.
Back view of dealer moving a stack of cheques
Front view of dealer moving a stack of cheques
           Once the player has all of their cheques, pick up the currency with your left hand and then using your right hand pick up the paddle, place the money over the hole and slide the paddle in, dropping it in the drop box.
           Never drop the cash in the drop box before handing the player their cheques. There is a certain way to break down currency. $1 bills are placed in rows of 5 and each column is worth $5, (label + 5 per column) $5 bills are placed in the same way and they’re worth $25 per column (label + 5 per column), $10 bills are worth $50 per column, $20 bills are worth $100 per column and $100 bills are worth $500 per column. Place the currency length-wise and use the paddle to slide it into the drop box.

           If you have a large sum of money; then use this trick to get the cash in the drop box without a paddle:
Trick with putting a large wad of money in the drop box - slide 1
Trick with putting a large wad of money in the drop box - slide 2
Trick with putting a large wad of money in the drop box - slide 3
Trick with putting a large wad of money in the drop box - slide 4
Cheque Change
Dealer completing procedure for cheque change
           When the player hands you a large value cheque then you need to exchange it for smaller value cheques. Take the cheques and place it on the left side of the table. Take out a handful of the lessor denomination cheques; bring them to right of the center of the table and size into them verifying the correct amount.
           Call out “Cheque Change $100” and after receiving approval, slide the stack of cheques to the player. Pick up the cheque change and place it in the rack. Never put the cheque change in the rack first and then hand the change to the player! And never drop the cheque change into the drop box if it is from your casino, put it in the rack instead. The only time you would drop cheques in the drop box is if they are foreign cheques.
Color Up
           When a player wants to leave your table then you will need to color them up. Take the smaller denomination cheques that the player hands you and place it on the left side of the table. Separate and stack the cheques properly to see what amount is there. Take out the larger denomination cheques and bring them to the right of the center table. Call out “color up $100”. On anything less you don’t need an alert call unless your house tells you otherwise. Slide the larger denomination stack of cheques to the player. If the player takes a small amount of cheques and walks away from the table then he doesn’t need to be colored up. If a player tries to leave with large stacks of red chips then stop him, he does need to be colored up.
Money Plays
           The casino prefers that the players play with cheques, but if a player insists then they can play with cash and this is called “money plays”. When the player walks up to the table they will usually declare that they wish to play with cash, but there will be times when a player lays the cash on the betting circle and says nothing. Ask the player if they want to play cash or cheques. Don’t continue until they verify what they want to do. Give an approval call saying “Money Plays $20” and wait for the Floor’s approval. Some players are superstitious and will loudly complain if you try to touch the money. When this happens call out “Money Plays to the Table Limit”. By saying this, the player can only win or lose between the table minimum and maximum. Any extra will be given back to the players.
Cash being played instead of cheques
           Pick up the wad of money, straighten it out and spread it, so the cameras can see.
           Folded money is not allowed to be played. Deal the hand as normal. If the player loses, take the money and spread it out on the table so the amount can be verified. Drop the money in the drop box. Do not just grab it and throw it in the rack while continuing on. If the player wins, take the money and lay it out so you know the amount. Take out the correct number of cheques and place them to the right side of the money. When the player wants to split or double down with a cash bet, the first thing you need to know is how much that person is playing. If you don’t automatically know, then lay it out, verify it, and then verify that the second bet matches. Be aware, it is possible for the player to grab his cash bet that he just lost and run; if this happens call the Floor or Security immediately.
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