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How to Deal Blackjack
The Rack
Working Out of the Rack
Picture of the rack with arrows pointing away from the middle
           Always use the tube of color that is furthest from the center.
           If you use your right hand to pay the right side of the table then use the right side of the rack, the same goes with left hand. Start with the outside tubes and work your way in. You can move cheques around to make it look cleaner.
Reading the Rack
Dealer sizing into the bet
Dealer sizing into the bet
           Each tube holds one type of denominations. Notice how the smaller denominations are on the outside and the larger denominations are in the middle where the dealer is able to protect them better. Never store your cheques in an assorted order, always reorganize the rack so it is proper. Put a separator in between each stack of 20 cheques of the same color, making the rack easier to read.
The Cards
Picking up the cards in order
           How you pick up the cards is important. There will be times when a player will argue a hand and you will have to call over the Floor to run back the cards. In order for him to do his job correctly you had to do your job and pick the cards up in the precise order. A dealer will never run back the cards on their own.

           Start the procedure by picking up the dealers cards first so they are on the top of the stack; that way when the dealer’s cards are run back the dealer’s cards are the first ones out. At some casinos they will want the dealer’s cards to be on the bottom of the stack or the last cards out so make sure you know your houses rules. Then, starting at the furthest hand to the right, pick up the cards right to left using your thumb and forefinger to catch them as you slide in the direction of the cards. Hold the cards angled so that the bottom left corner of the card sweeps underneath the next card, moving diagonally. Place the cards in the discard rack.
Picking up the cards on a handheld deck
Picking up the cards on a handheld deck
Picking up the cards on a handheld deck
           Because the cards will be face down on a handheld deck you need to know the procedure for picking them up. Start with the player on your right and then go left. Grab the tops of the cards and flip them from top to bottom. Do not roll the cards over with the deck hand. Lay the cards in front of their bets in the correct fashion and then complete the “Take & Pay Procedure” before going on to the next hand.
Discard Rack
           When the shoe is finished take the remaining cards out and turn the un-dealt portion of the deck 180 degrees and place it in a random spot in the discard rack.
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