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How to Deal Blackjack
The Game
           All bets must be made in the betting circle. Money or cheques that are outside of the circle or in between the circles are to be considered invalid. Say “No Bet” and push the cheques back towards the player. Scan the layout to make sure that there are no players betting under the minimum or over the maximum, and that the cheques are stacked correctly before you deliver a card. Once the card is dealt there can be no changes to the bet. On a handheld deck, the players can only touch the cards with 1 hand. Do not let them hold the cards with two hands. On a shoe, the players may not handle the cards. If a player touches the cards don’t overact, explain the rules politely. Players should never touch other player’s cards or the dealer’s cards.
Hitting the player’s hands on a shoe game
           Now that the cards have been dealt, it is time for the players to make their decisions. Starting with the first bet on the left; wait for the player to indicate their decision with a clear hand signal. Do not take out a card until the player has made the signal. When the player makes a hand gesture, it should always be besides or behind their bet. As the dealer you must make sure that the player never signals over his bet or in front of his cards because this will block the view of the cameras and makes it easier for players to alter their bet. Never accept a verbal direction; the player must give a hand signal because the cameras need to be able to see the player give you his decision as a hand signal. If you ever deal someone a soft hand, for example a soft 13, then you must announce it as “3 or 13”.
Hitting the player’s hands on a handheld game
The dealer is hitting the players hand on a handheld deck
           The dealer will use their thumb to push the top card out.
The dealer is hitting the players hand on a handheld deck
           With your right hand grasp the card with your middle finger and ring finger being on top and your forefinger and thumb under the card.
The dealer is hitting the players hand on a handheld deck
           Flip the card from bottom to top. Set the card in front of the betting circle. This is a quick delivery that keeps the dealer in control of how their table looks and keeps the game going.
Hitting the dealer's hand
           Once all of the player’s hands are done it is time to flip over your card. Take your thumb and forefinger and grip the top card. Use the top card to flip over the hole card and then place the top card to the right of the hole card.
How the dealer's cards are set up
           All the additional hit cards must be placed on the right hand side of the dealer’s original 2 cards. The dealer’s cards must have a space in between them and also be in a straight line so that they can be seen clearly by the floor and the cameras.
           The dealer must stay on hard 17 and higher, and they must hit on soft 17 and lower. Being a break-in dealer it is a good idea for you to announce the total of your cards before starting the Take & Pay Procedure.
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