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How to Deal Blackjack
Single Deck Shuffle
           This is a simple shuffling procedure:

1. Strip
2. Riffle
3. Strip
4. Riffle
5. Box
6. Riffle
7. When you cut the deck, make sure to cut it at least 10 cards on either side.
8. Burn a card.

Double Deck Shuffle
           To start the procedure:

1. Pick up the deck and break it in half.
2. Riffle the cards.
3. Strip the deck 7 equal times.
4. Take 1/3 from the top and put it on the bottom.
5. Riffle
6. Take 1/3 from the bottom, put it on the top.
7. Riffle
8. Break the deck in half and give it one more riffle.
9. Cut the deck with at least 20 cards on either side.
10. Burn a card.

4, 6, or 8 Deck Shuffle
           To start the procedure:

1. Take the cards from the discard rack and put it in the center of the table.
2. Then break the stack into 2 equal stacks.
3. Take approximately ¼ of the deck from each stack.
4.Then riffle.
5. Strip
6. Riffle
7. Then place the working deck in the center of the table, above the shuffling area.
8. Take approximately ¼ of the working deck, with ¼ of the deck from the left stack.
9. Riffle
10. Strip
11. Riffle
12. Then place these cards on top of the working deck.
13. Take a ¼ stack from the right
14. Then riffle.
15. Strip
16. Riffle
17. Repeat this pattern until all the cards are shuffled.
18. When your working stack holds all of the decks, separate the stack, again, into 2 equal parts.
19. Take ¼ of a deck from each stack and riffle, leaving the cards laced.
20. After all the cards are shuffled, give an alert call to your floor.
21. You can now offer the cards to be cut.
22. Place the deck in the shoe.
23. Burn a card.
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