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How to Deal Blackjack
Blackjack Table Layout
           The layout is the felt covering over the table. It can be any game, in the past the layout was normally green but casinos now have an assortment of designs and colors. Under the layout there is a pad of foam or sponge rubber so the table will be soft and it is easier to handle the cards and cheques.
the blackjack table layout
The apron is highlighted on the blackjack layout
           This is the part of the table that is the closest to the players. It is clear of print and it is where the players store their chips, ashtrays or drinks.
Betting Circle
betting circle with bet in it
betting circles on blackjack table highlighted
           The betting circle is where the players place their bets and this area is usually marked. The wager must be in the betting area to be a legal wager. Most casinos have 7 betting areas per table so 7 people can play… but you will usually only see 6 chairs.
Insurance Line
The insurance line is highlighted
A bet is on the insurance line
           This line is the area that players use to place their insurance bets. The bet has to be in this area to be a legal insurance wager.
Center of the Table
the dealer is shuffling the cards at the center of the table
           This is the area where the dealer shuffles the cards and handles cheques.
The rack where all of the cheques are held
           The rack is the metal tray in front of the dealer. This is the dealer’s bank and it is where all of the cheques are held.
Discard Rack
discard rack
           This is the plastic holder that sits next to the rack on the dealers right side. This is where the cards go after a hand is finished.
The paddle which helps place money in the drop box
           This is a plastic T-shaped tool used to push money through the hole and into the drop box. Lay the money out flat, over the hole and then take the end of the paddle and push it in.
Drop Box
the dealer is shuffling the cards at the center of the table
           This is a locked box that sits under the table and it catches and holds all the money that the dealer pushes through with the paddle.
The Shoe
           The shoe is available in the 4-deck, 6-deck and 8-deck varieties. The shoe is a plastic device that holds the cards until ready for delivery. There are some games, like Baccarat, that may have larger shoes.
The face on the shoe
           This is the plate at the front of the shoe that holds the cards in place making it ready for the dealer.
The Finger Slot on the Shoe
the finger slot on the shoe
           There is an opening in the front of the shoe where the dealer places their finger to slip out the next card. There are a variety of openings out there, including the faceplate covers (trap door), and the skirts (brush).
The Wedge
The wedge which is used with a shoe
           This is a heavy plastic trapezoid shaped object on wheels. It is placed behind the cards to help with movement.
The Lip on the Shoe
the lip on the shoe
           This is the plastic edge under the face that is extended forward.
The Chain
The chain which is used on the shoe
           There will always be a chain attached to the shoe. This is to protect the shoe from being swapped or stolen.
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