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About Us
My name is Heather and I've owned and operated this website since May 15, 2010. is the world's first free dealing trade school and our training has helped many people get a job in a casino without having to pay to go to school.

The reason why I decided to make these videos and maintain this website is because I believe all information should be free and easy to obtain for everyone. Including the education that is provided by community colleges, universities and trade-schools because they supply people with the information they need to get a job and maintain their family's well-being and livelihood. The economy is awful and people shouldn't be charged a ton of money for an inferior education. That's why I'm working towards educating people and helping them get a job for free, because a lot of people can't afford to go to school.

This website is not owned by a company; I'm the only person that operates this website and I don't get paid for doing this. This website is a hobby of mine and because of that I'm slow when it comes to updating it or adding new content.

If you want to ask me a question or if you want to leave a testimonial then please go to my forums page and I'll respond to your post there. This way we can get a conversation going with other dealers, players and people in the casino industry.

If you want to give me your toke numbers for our tips page then please email me at I want to eventually get all of the casinos in the world, but I can't do this alone! I need your help!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, my email address is

Also, I'm scanning in and creating a PDF file of all the paperwork that casinos have given me, as well as packets from dealing schools. I'm posting those up so everyone can have that information. If you have a copy of any paperwork from a dealing school or casino, please send it to me via email or normal snail mail.

Heather Ferris
P.O. Box 571875
Las Vegas, NV 89157

And if you want to know how I spend the rest of my time, you can check out my facebook page, twitter, deviant art, or my personal youtube channel.

Thank you so much! Have a great day!

~ Heather
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